a nice day for a white wedding September 17 2012, 0 Comments

i love weddings. the food. the music. the dancing all night and the feeling of love in the air. and, of course, the cake! the focal point of the night, the cake is probably the most photographed detail of any wedding aside from the happy couple. so when my long time dear friend K asked me to create hers, the pressure was on. only pure perfection would suffice, and her simple and sophisticated style had to be represented.

we talked details, and the final design would include hand molded chocolate mint leaves swirling around simple stacked round cakes. using the great gatsby as wedding inspiration, light creams and ivory colors were used, and they masked a dark chocolate cake with nutella filling (for the chocolate loving bride) and spiced carrot cake with cream cheese (for the groom).

finally the wedding day was here. after dinner, we presented the cake to the bride, and with a big smile and a bigger hug, she thanked me. it was all i could ask for! the bride was happy, the groom was happy, and the guests seem to have really enjoyed their dessert. with the pressure off, i took off my shoes and danced all night. all in all it was a wonderful wedding, and i couldn't be happier for K and her new husband.