a new york sate of mind September 24 2012, 0 Comments

yup, you've guessed it - another friend, another wedding, another cake!

this past weekend had me turning purple - literally. i think my fingers are still tinted! six tiers of ivory fondant and lots and lots of gum paste roses, calla lilys, gladiolus and variety of 'filler' flowers in various shades of purple had me working my little butt off! the elegant design hid classic vanilla and chocolate cake with vanilla bean filling, sure to please all who tasted.

now, besides the fact that we had to deliver the delicate cake into the city, i also had to get myself dolled up and ready for the wedding. that being said, i tend to be a bit of a procrastinator; i always think i have way more time than i do, that everything takes 'two seconds' to complete, and in the end i somehow end up running around like a madwoman. which by now shouldn't be a surprise to me but hey, i'm only human!

cake in trunk, bag in hand, we got on the road later than expected. no surprise there. and no surprise that we hit traffic, one of the sugar roses cracked, and we got to the wedding literally ten minutes before the reception started. NO STRESS! that's my motto. always prepared, i pulled out my kit and got to work. the end result was just grand, and i'm especially proud of her (all cakes are girls, right?!). 

so here she is besides her creator (that's me!) standing on a beautiful rooftop in new york, sharing a view of the most spectacular skyline a city could offer. congrats again to the happy couple and we hope you loved your cake!