give a little bit October 14 2012, 0 Comments

brides often have a tough time deciding on many aspects of their weddings - colors, types of flowers, venue, which cousin to put in the bridal's a lot of decision making! favors are no exception. most brides these days are staying away from the old standards and getting creative with their giveaways, opting for instant gratification, like edibles, or something a bit more meaningful.

donation favors are becoming more and more popular. it allows the happy couple to donate to a charity in the names of their guests without burdening them with another dust collector. guests are made aware of their gift with a little note from the couple, or a framed message of why the cause is important to them, but some couples want to give a little token of a gift for their guests to remember them by.

we've come up with a sweet way to do this! using the colors of your charity and adding a little note tag, ribbon cookies say thank you while expressing the couples generosity to their cause. and we've decided to join in on the giving. for every cookie ordered, the sugar chic will donate 50 cents to the couple's charity. 

so keep on giving, and we will too! happy sunday chicadees :)