the state of the storefront address :) January 29 2013, 0 Comments

hey chicadees! it has been a very crazy new year for us. it's been our busiest january to date (yay!) and along with all our cookie-ing, our newest and most stressful job has been building out our new storefront. 

or shall we say not building out our new storefront. though we signed our lease in october and have our shiny new sign propped on the red brick storefront, we have not been able to actually build anything yet. many of you are asking about our progress and our estimated opening date, and we thank you for your enthusiasm and support.  and while we are sooo anxious and excited testing recipes and planning our paint colors and packaging, envisioning how wonderful it will be to see smiling faces eating our cookies in our very own shoppe, we don't quite know ourselves!

starting any business means lots of stress, paperwork, legal advice, sleepless nights, money and time, time, time. but opening a bakery (or any food business) means all of that fun with a side of permits, applications, classes, and lots of preparation. it means dealing with landlord, town, county and state, all who seem to have different rules and regulations. it basically means waiting. we're lucky that our space is brandy new, with clean sheetrock walls and a blank slate of a concrete floor...i'd just love to see my pretty new tiles laid instead!

so, while we wait, we'll happily continue to create your cookies, and we'll keep you updated on our status. we appreciate any good vibes sent our way and wish you a sweet day! 

mel :)