progress! June 28 2013, 0 Comments

it is so amazing to me how one can wait nearly eight months (eight months!!!) to receive a piece of paper in the mail expressing approval to start work in a storefront, and how within just a few weeks of receiving that piece of paper soooo much progress can be seen. progress! PROGRESS!!!

fridge! and bare walls and papered floors


our new wall, which separates the retail space from our kitchen. and that's our kitchen guardian. his name is dave.


so we must share it with you. as anxious as we are to open shoppe, we've had a lot of our chicadeees asking away about what's going on. so here it is! as you know, our storefront was part of a brandy new building, beautiful and clean, but with bare walls and no floors. the perfect blank slate. so we've laid our floor, put up a wall, and our plumbers and electricians have completed much of their necessary work. woo hoo! the majority of our kitchen equipment has been delivered - as you may have seen on our instagram and facebook pages - including our ovens, mixers, fridges, lots of sinks (more on that another time) and stainless tables.

and the super fun part - designing the retail space - is going superbly. we've picked our paint colors, designed most of the space and started choosing beautiful accents. we'll be sneak peeking all that fun stuff soon, but we snuck in a few pics here :)

choosing paint colors. not an easy feat!

a few more inspections and some construction need to take place before we paint and bring in our counters and do all the detail work, but we're well on our way!  thanks again for being the best customers and fans ever and we'll be sure to share lots more fun bits with you soon. 

have a sweet weekend!