paint, plumbing and penny (tile) August 15 2013, 0 Comments

i keep meaning to blog our little accomplishments, as everyday is bringing something new and exciting (!) but we've been so busy and tired and barely have time to eat lately, so blogging has not come as easy and everyday just rolls into the next like some sort of weird reality. kind of like groundhogs day. sorry kids.  

but we are getting sooooooooo close. so close.  

with that, i thought i'd share a few pics of what's been going on, since pictures speak louder than words. and i promise, here in front of all my fans/chicadees/friends and family/sugar gods that i will, i WILL keep you apprised of our goings -on. 

have a fabulously sweet monday eve,

xoxo Mel :)


i hate to share too much, as i don't want to take away from the 'wow' factor of the final product, but here's one of the two paint colors we're using on the walls. it's the palest whisper of pink (the other is called 'vintage grey')


think we have enough sinks?! hehe. here's the plumbing wall in the kitchen, in it's final stages. fun stuff kids.


how gorgeous? i'm a sucker for anything with a vintage feel, and these grey-blue penny tile are the perfect accent for the space. i LOVE them. LOVE. like, obsessed.


the front wall of the retail space. yup, that's chalkboard! it won't look quite like this when it's all done, as we'll be adding some moulding and accent tile (see above pic). be warned - this stuff is potent! i was seeing stars while painting. and oh, yeah - that's another sink. :)