what's new, pussycat? August 12 2013, 0 Comments

happy monday! as i sit here enjoying a bottle of ice cold coca cola, i am actually dreaming of a boylan root beer. don't get me wrong, i love a coke, but sometimes you need what you crave.

for those of you who don't know boylan bottling, they are a new jersey (local!) based company that specializes in yummy sodas. like super yummy. and they're made with pure cane sugar, so you can feel better about having your soda, sans corn syrup or any fakeness. i fell in love my first time a few years back, and have since found them popping up all over, including my favorite burger joint :) so i knew they would bring a fun touch to our bake shoppe, and that i could have one whenever i want! was that a commercial much? yeah, i just like 'em!

other than that, a lot of other little things have been put in place this week. our plumbing is done, our electric is 95% finished, and we've begun adding the little details to the storefront. we have some interesting math problems ahead - aka installing moulding - and some science as well - like perfecting our red velvet cookies. i think we're just about perfect.

any girl knows that it's the little things that make a space. the 'jewelry' that brings everything together. for a bakery it's usually the chrome of the displays and the shine of butter-cream frosting, but i had to put girly touches on other elements, like our lights and cabinet pulls. after all, it is a boutique bake shoppe :)

ooh almost forgot! we've also chosen the gorgeous marble for our counter-tops. so excited!

so, that's the week in review. back to the kitchen for me, enjoy your monday kiddos!
xoxo, mel :)