about me

Melissa Chicarelli is better known as The Sugar Chic(k).  A woman with one thing on her mind...  Dessert... Seriously.

Some people describe themselves as passionate about certain things; music or books or cooking.  But when it comes to cookies and cake and all things sugar, in my opinion, Melissa's passion crosses a border to obsession and a combination of the two is what makes Melissa...simply Melissa.

After high school, Melissa pleaded with her mother and father ("Chef Joe" of Babylon's Venetian Yacht Club) to go to culinary school. But Chef Joe didn't want his little girl to endure the stress and hours of the culinary/restaurant world.  Little did they know she would quit a stressful corporate job 5 years after a college degree in Psychology and Sociology, to start her own business and build everything from the ground up.  

While still working, she enrolled and completed a Baking and Pastry Arts program at the Culinary Academy of Long Island in 2002.  The instructor pulled Melissa from classes to test his recipes and told her she could teach the class,  she needed a "challenge".  She continued perfecting her own recipes, attended seminars at The French Culinary Institute of NY and slowly began building on this passion!

Melissa designed cakes for friends and family occasions, becoming the highlight of these events. In 2007 a friend asked Melissa for something sweet for a wedding favor.  Melissa's signature wedding "cake" cookie was born and became a staple in her repertoire.  This sparked that life changing decision. Melissa soon left her full-time job and launched The Sugar Chic and thesugarchic.com in 2008!

After 5 years, hundreds of cookie cutters, 3....no wait...5 mixers and a move from home to a rented commercial kitchen, Melissa realized the next move was her very own space.  A lease was signed late 2012 and we finally finished our brand new kitchen and storefront in Amityville Village fall of 2013.

Come and visit us in the Shoppe!

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 written by - David Chicarelli (Melissa's 2nd  passion)